Three Rochester Grammar teachers become Chartered Teachers

May 17, 2022 10:12am

We are delighted to announce that three of our teachers have recently become qualified Chartered Teachers.

These incredible teachers include; Lauren French – Assistant Director of KS4 and Curriculum Leader for Psychology, Nicole Still – Second in Department for English and Lara Osmotherly – Assistant Director of KS3, Curriculum Leader for Biology and Assistant Timetabler.

The C-Teach Programme is one of the most challenging for teachers in the country. However, it provides teachers opportunities to bridge the gap between practice and research, allowing them to become confident practitioners with strong pedagogical knowledge.

Becoming a Chartered teacher highlights Nicole, Lauren and Lara’s commitment to developing teaching and allows them to carry out research, learn about new pedagogical practice areas and become an expert in their chosen fields.

 Looking back on the experience they said;

“For me, engaging in the C-Teach Programme was an opportunity to get back to why I became a teacher, for my love of learning and my love of understanding how to engage students most effectively in the classroom. The challenging nature of the course has most definitely developed my practice, and the opportunity to stop and engage with pedagogical literature has been a refreshing change to my usual crime-thriller novels! I look forward to seeing how I can use this knowledge to refine and develop my own practice even further in the future and am grateful for the opportunity awarded to me to participate in the programme.”

– Lauren French

The C-Teach programme has been a career-defining opportunity for me. It has given me the time, space, and resources to explore the intricacies of evidence-informed practice and carefully refine my teaching through cycles of deliberate practice. As a result, I am now confident of the rigour of my classroom practices and know that reading and research will continue to underpin and inform my journey.”

– Nicole Still


“The process of becoming a Chartered Teacher allowed me to focus on improving the fundamentals of my classroom practice – for example, increasing the effectiveness of explanations. In addition, I have strengthened my skills in developing action research from literature reviews, determining evidenced-based approaches for a specific context with confidence. It was a privilege to concentrate on pedagogy amongst the competing aspects of my role, and I look forward to extending this reflective practice further.”

– Lara Osmotherly